Sponsors play a major role in THE FINALS, as they are currently the main vehicle for the world and narrative of the game. Sponsors want exposure to the game show's massive audience for their brand and products/services, and sponsored gear is a sign of a success for contestants.

Official Sponsors for Season 0[edit | edit source]

OSPUZE Pop-Pour-Perform Artwork.png
OSPUZE, an energy drink brand.
ISEULT The-Bias-Wrecker Artwork.png
ISEUL-T, South Korean fashion-wear brand.

Other Featured Brands[edit | edit source]

Team Names[edit | edit source]

When entering a match, each team of three contestants is assigned to a random team, each with a unique name and logo. This logo will be displayed in the top-left, along with each team's total cash amount. The announcers will use the team's unique name to give updates on some match events, such as when a team gets wiped, or when a team reaches the top of the leaderboard.

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