Bank It

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Bank It is a casual game mode in which four teams of three battle for coins. Teams compete to bank as much cash as possible.


Team cash

Like in Cashout, each team has a cash counter shown on the game's scoreboard.

The first team to reach $40,000 team cash wins. If the round time expires before this point, the team with the most team cash wins instead.

The only way to earn team cash directly is by eliminating contesants, which grants $500 bonus team cash.

Contestant cash

Most of the cash is collected individually by contestants. When a contestant is eliminated, they will drop all of their cash as coins, which can then be stolen by other contestants. A contestant without any cash will instead drop $1,000 in coins.

For each team, the scoreboard displays how much total cash is held by its contestants, but not yet banked, as a yellow bar.

Depositing cash

Main Page: Deposit Station

Contestants need to transfer their cash from their individual balance to the team's cash counter ('bank it'). To do so, the contestant has to find and use a deposit station. This transfers all of the contestant's cash to their team's cash counter, also preventing it from being lost upon elimination.


Main Page: Coin Vault

Most of a round's cash is created through coin vaults that spawn in the arena periodically. Contestants must open them to receive several thousands' worth of coins. However, teams will flock to vaults that are beginning to spawn, and a battle will often break out over the cash vault.

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