You can create multiple contestants associated with either the Light, Medium, or Heavy Build. Each Build has a unique selection of specializations, weapons and gadgets.

Light Build

“Exceptionally fast, but low survivability. Executes hit-and-run tactics. Specializes in stealth and evasion.”

Light is the smallest and most mobile Build, but has the lowest health. Lights have a balanced arsenal of ranged and melee weaponry. They have a good variety of either low-damage, high-fire-rate firearms like the M11 and V9S, or high-damage, high recoil rifles such as the SR-84 and the powerful LH1. Light Builds also have the option to carry the lethal but tactically limiting Dagger or the adrenaline-inducing Sword in combination with one of their specializations such as the Evasive Dash or Cloaking Device.

Medium Build

“Excels in mid-range combat with average health and movement speed. Specializes in healing, scanning, or providing support.”

Mediums are the jack-of-all-trades support Build, having more health than Light Builds, but are also slower and bigger. The Medium's loadout is made up of important utility, such as the helpful Healing Beam or defensive Guardian Turret, the life-saving Defibrillator, and even a deployable Zipline. Mediums have a wide arsenal of weapons available to them, from a standard assault rifle to a bulletproof shield.

Heavy Build

“High survivability. Low movement speed. Specializes in demolition and fortifications.”

The Heavy Build is the slowest and largest Build, but has the most health. The Heavy Build offers a tank-like playstyle, providing resources for effectively capturing and controlling objectives. They can be equipped with the devastating Charge ‘n’ Slam, handy Goo Gun, or defensive Mesh Shield. Heavies have a plethora of powerful firearms and hard-hitting weapons, ranging from LMGs to a sledgehammer. The Heavy Build's gadgets include a protective deployable Barricade and a classic RPG-7. It is important to note that Heavy Builds cannot crouch or slide through vents in the arenas due to their large hitbox. On the other hand, the large hitbox allows Heavy Builds to vault onto some elevated structures easier than the other two Builds. Heavy Builds can also throw objects further with the Gravity Glove than the other two Builds.secret moolah!

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