93R Sideview.png
Weapon Quote
“Burst-fire machine pistol”
// Profile //
// Damage //
Crit36 (1.5x)
// Technical //
Mag Size21
Firing Time210RPM
Reload Time1.2s

The 93R (Beretta 93 Raffica) is a Light class burst-fire machine pistol designed to deal burst damage at close to moderate distances.


The 93R can be selected as the weapon of any Light build loadout.

The trigger can be pulled to fire a burst of three bullets that damage opponents, also dealing additional damage on headshots. The trigger must be released before firing again. Aiming down sights increases the 93R's accuracy. Moving decreases accuracy, especially when going airborne.

The weapon automatically reloads when its magazine is empty, or the user can do a tactical reload before this point. The user has unlimited spare ammunition..

Controls PC PS XBox Key
Equip 93R
Fire burst (Tap)
Primary fire
Aim down sights (Hold)
Secondary fire
Tactical reload



FeatIcon Ranged.png Ranged — Strikes targets by aiming and firing at them from a distance.

FeatIcon Single Fire.png Single Fire — Fires once when the trigger is pulled. The trigger must be released before firing again.

FeatIcon Burst Fire.png Burst Fire — Releases multiple shots in quick succession with each fire.

FeatIcon Aim Down Sights.png Aim Down Sights — Has iron sights that significantly increase accuracy when used.

FeatIcon Full Reload.png Full Reload — Replaces the entire magazine in one animation on reload.

FeatIcon Stable Accuracy.png Unstable Accuracy — Suffers a significant decrease in accuracy while moving and while airborne.


FeatIcon Hitscan.png Hitscan — Travels in a straight line, meaning there is no bullet drop. The direction will deviate from the crosshairs depending on accuracy.

FeatIcon Critical Hit.png Critical Hit — Critically hits on headshots, applying a damage multiplier.

FeatIcon Mid Range Falloff.png Mid Range Falloff — Deals reduced damage when hitting targets at a moderate distance (falloff starts at less than 30m).

FeatIcon Minor Structure Damage.png Minor Structure Damage — Damages structures. Takes a very long time to break a concrete wall.



  • The 93R's burst fire will have the highest damage output on targets that are slow and/or large, i.e. Heavies.
  • Despite a somewhat small magazine, the 93R can do a tactical reload very quickly after each engagement.


  • The 93R's damage falls off at moderate to long distances. It also becomes more difficult to hit its full burst on a target from a distance.


  • Firing should always be done while aiming down sights, unless the target is extremely close. Doing so greatly increases the accuracy of the 93R.
  • A 93R user should attempt to step in and out of combat to safely be able to deal damage, approaching opponents from unexpected angles so that they cannot retaliate. The moments of cover also serve to reload the weapon.


Shots to Kill Time to Kill (Body) Time to Kill (Crit)
Light 7 0.71 0.41
Medium 11 1.12 0.71
Heavy 15 1.53 1.06
Kill times for the 93R



When the weapon fires a shot, a target is scanned for using a hitscan. This is a detection mechanism that scans in a straight line, meaning there is no bullet drop. The direction of this line will be deviate randomly from the direction of the crosshairs, depending on the accuracy level at the time of firing.

Immediately, the closest contestant, structure, object or shield intersecting the hitscan will be tagged as being struck. First, a bullet tracer animation quickly travels from the weapon to the hit location, then its effects are applied. This means it is possible for targets to be struck a few frames after they appear to take cover, as the hit is confirmed the moment the weapon is fired.

Item Mastery

Item mastery XP can be earned by damaging and eliminating opponents with the 93R.

Each time a certain XP threshold is reached, the item levels up. This does not improve the item, but rewards a unique item customization.

XP Breakdown
Source XP Reward
Damage dealt by the 93R
Critical damage dealt by the 93R
Opponent eliminated by damage from the 93R
(Does not count quick melee finishers)
Assist on an opponent damaged by the 93R
Level 1
93R Rank 1.png
0 XP
Level 2
93R Rank 2.png
9,000 XP
Dye Job (Yellow)
Level 3
93R Rank 3.png
9,000 XP
Dye Job (Blue)
Level 4
93R Rank 4.png
36,000 XP
Dye Job (Red)
Level 5
93R Rank 5.png
54,000 XP
Dye Job (White)
Level 6
93R Rank 6.png
162,000 XP
Triangle Twinkle
Level 7
93R Rank 7.png
144,000 XP
Striped Grazer
Level 8
93R Rank 8.png
136,000 XP
Painted Predator


  • The 93R exists in real life as the Beretta 93R selective-fire machine pistol, designed and manufactured by Beretta, a privately held Italian firearms manufacturing company, in the late 1970s. It was designed to be used by counter-terrorism forces as a response to the contemporary terrorism, who required a concealable weapon with rapid fire capabilities.
    • The R in 93R stands for "Raffica", meaning "volley" or "burst" in Italian.
    • 93 is the model number, and the pistol is a development of the Beretta 92 design.
    • The real pistol can be selected to fire either a three round burst or single fire, much like how the real FAMAS is not locked into burst mode either.
    • See also: List of Gun Origins.

Weapon Skins

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