FAMAS Sideview.png
Weapon Quote
“Burst-fire assault rifle”
// Profile //
TypeBurst Rifle
// Damage //
Crit35 (1.5x)
// Technical //
Mag Size27
Firing Time3.06
Reload Time4

The FAMAS is a burst assault rifle available to the Medium Build and was introduced in Season 2.


The rifle shoots in bursts of three bullets, similar to the light's 93R. It retains most of its damage even at longer ranges, making it excellent for keeping enemies at bay.

Pros and Cons


  • Great both at range and in close quarters.
  • Good hip-fire accuracy.
  • Good ADS sight picture. Sights largely stay at center screen.
  • A good option for contestants with consistent aim.


  • Gun is not very forgiving, missing shots could be detrimental.
  • Struggles at finishing enemies when shots are missed.

Playstyle Examples

Can pair well with the Dematerializer ability for creating windows of opportunity. A Jump Pad and/or the Zipline can additionally pair well with the weapon, as the FAMAS' accuracy and range advantage can enable fighting at farther distances and more unique positions than the medium's other assault rifles. Contestants should note however that the FAMAS is very inaccurate while airborne, and it is best to be grounded when shooting.

Weapon Skins

Trivia & Weapon Bio

  • Based off of the French FAMAS F1 a bullpup assault rifle made by GIAT Industries, in real life though it does not have burst capabilities.

Change History

Patch 2.2.0

  • Adjusted recoil pattern to make the weapon slightly easier to control
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