NamaTama Character.png
THE FINALS has a variety of mascotsǃ From a friendly egg to an adorable plushie cow, there's plenty to go aroundǃ
THE-FINALS scotty-logo.png
The commentators Scotty and June provide key information about the match, speaking to the fans who are watching.
TheAnnouncer Character.png
The announcer is an erratic, larger-than-life master of ceremonies who can be heard through the loudspeakers in the arena.
CNS Character.png
CNS is a mysterious hacking organization that directly relates to the lore of THE FINALS.

Company CEOs

THE-FINALS petronelle-logo.png
Sofia Petronelle is the CEO of OSPUZE.
THE-FINALS ybs-logo.png
Yun Beom-seok is the CEO of ISEUL-T.
Link=Mackenzie Lapis
Mackenzie Lapis is the CEO of VOLPE.
HOLTOW Logo.svg
Quemby Rutile is the CEO of HOLTOW.


Odilia Character.png
Odilia is a contestant in THE FINALS, who is known for her ability to dance between illusion and virtual reality, leaving opponents chasing shadows.
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