Ospuze is an energy drink brand led by Sofia Petronelle (CEO). It was one of two official sponsors for Season 0 and Season 2. The brand is known for its signature yellow color in its cosmetics and advertisements in the virtual arenas promoting the all power, no sugar, “Pro Juice.”

These ads can be found throughout Monaco or in the interior of Petronelle Plaza, located in Seoul. Some of their marketing slogans include: “let it breathe”, “Pop. Pour. Perform.” and “change.the.game.”

The Open Beta Battle Pass was OSPUZE-themed and offered various OSPUZE-branded cosmetics.
OSPUZE Logo.svg

OSPUZE Advertisements

THE FINALS OSPUZE AD bonus candy.jpg
THE FINALS OSPUZE AD bonus candy 02 higres per EE-hunters-request.jpg

OSPUZE Cosmetics

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