In THE FINALS, a season is a period of time where new content is released, which usually follows a specific theme. Additions to the game may include balance changes, new gadgets and/or weapons, additional gamemodes, a new battlepass, fresh cosmetics, and new seasonal Sponsors.

Contestant's Ranks and Fame Points reset when a season ends, and the top ten ranking contestants for the previous season earn a spot on a golden trophy in the Practice Range. The first season was Season 0, which included the three public playtests that took place before the full release.


Season Duration Sponsor(s) New Content Events
Season 0 March 7, 2023 - November 5, 2023 OSPUZE, ISEUL-T Open Beta is About to Get Spooky!
Season 1 December 7, 2023 - March 7, 2024 HOLTOW, VOLPE Happy Holidays!, Steal The Spotlight!,

Be Our Valentine!


Season 0

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