KS-23 Sideview.png
Weapon Quote
“Pump-action shotgun that fires slugs that deal high arena damage”
// Profile //
TypePump-Action Shotgun
// Damage //
Falloff Start18m - 0%
Max Falloff23m - 40%
// Technical //
Mag Size6
Firing Time5.46
Reload Time~1 Second(s)

The KS-23 is a slug shotgun for the Heavy Build and was introduced in Season 2.


The KS-23 requires high precision to handle effectively, as the gun shoots a single moving projectile per shot. Predicting enemy movement is required to land shots at range. Despite its difficulty, the high damage can be rewarding in certain circumstances.

As the KS-23 is a breaching shotgun, it is also capable of destroying solid walls.

Pros and Cons


  • Can destroy walls in 3 shots.
  • High damage within 18 meters, highly lethal at close range.
  • Especially lethal to the light class.
  • Can be more accurate at long-range than the heavy's other guns (if shots can be hit).


  • Hard to hit enemies with, and very punishing to miss shots with.
  • No ADS, restricted to hip fire and zoomed-in hip fire.
  • Low DPS comparatively, high time to kill on Heavies and Mediums.
  • Lacks in long-ranged damage.
  • Slow reload time when not empty.

Weapon Skins

Trivia & Weapon Bio

  • Based off of the Tula Arms KS-23 Soviet a Soviet-era pump-action shotgun firing 23mm (6.2 Gauge) shell, which is exceptionally large for a shotgun.

Change History

Patch 2.5.0

  • Bullet dispersion reduced when jumping, sprinting, or zoomed in, to make the weapon more accurate

Patch 2.2.0

  • Increased fire rate from 55 RPM to 73 RPM
  • Decreased player damage from 120 to 100
  • Increased environmental damage from 600 to 700
  • Decreased pump-action animation delay from 0.2s to 0s
  • Increased pump-action animation duration from 0.6s to 0.7s
  • Increased damage fall-off start range from 15m to 18m
  • Decreased damage fall-off end range from 50m to 23m
  • Increased the damage fall-off multiplier at max range from 45% to 65%
  • Increased the projectile speed from 200m/s to 300m/s
  • Decreased bullet dispersion when firing from the hip while crouching, standing, and running
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