Las Vegas

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Test your luck and reach for the stars in the glitz, glam, and tight-knit gameplay of this glittering arena. Tournament matches on Las Vegas are sponsored by HOLTOW. The arena is officially named "Las Vegas 2032".
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Loading Screens

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Map Variants
Las-Vegas-2023 Loading-Screen.png
A standard arena, ready for destruction.
Las-Vegas-2023 Loading-Screen.png
The environment can work for or against you. Traverse Vegas but watch your step, around every corner could be a trap.
Las-Vegas-2023 Loading-Screen.png
Don’t get lost in stinging sands! Seek shelter and glory in this Las Vegas map variant.

Points Of Interest

Argon Casino

Casino Eastwood




Embark's Inspiration

  • This arena is based on the Fremont Street Experience and the surrounding area. The covered section in the center of the map is a replica of the canopy that covers Fremont Street.
  • The Sandstorm variant of this map is reminiscent of how Las Vegas is portrayed in the film Blade Runner 2049. The most notable similar features being the sand filled ruins and orange color corrective tint applied to the exterior environment. Thematically, this is supported by the game's lore.
  • Casino Eastwood is most likely named after famous spaghetti-western star Clint Eastwood due to its western/cowboy theming and signage.

Pre-release Appearances

While not specifically highlighted in the Open Beta trailer, Las Vegas was hidden within the trailers as an easter egg.

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