THE FINALS prides itself on entertainment and spectacle! Each of the arenas are virtual recreations of world-famous locations so cause as much havoc as you want. Gameplay Elements such asː Time of day, Weather, Map Variants, and Game Show Events will mix things up, so expect the unexpectedǃ

Monaco Default Afternoon.jpg
Play through the cobblestone streets of Monaco, making it a perfect map for destruction and close-quarters combat.
Seoul Default Afternoon.jpg
Fight atop towering skyscrapers in downtown Seoul with fast paced, vertical gameplay. Be careful to watch where you step so you don’t fall.
Skyway Default Afternnoon.jpg
An ever-changing playground full of treacherous traversal and strategic vantage points.
Las-Vegas-2023 Loading-Screen.png
Test your luck and reach for the stars in the glitz, glam, and tight-knit gameplay of this glittering arena.
Sys$horizon temporary.jpg
This glitchy, neon-filled cityscape exists in the loading realm of the game show and features voxel bridges and glitched geometry. Partially loaded and out-of-place, SYS$HORIZON is a sight to behold, especially at night.
TestRange Default.jpg
The Practice Range is a space where contestants can experiment with their loadout and hone their skills. Learn the ropes. Stick with it. The fans will love you.
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