Bank It

Bank It
“Compete to bank coins scattered throughout the arena in this casual-friendly, combat-focused game mode.”

Bank It is a casual game mode in which contestants battle for coins in order to bank as much cash as possible.


Cash (in the form of coins) can be obtained from Vaults or by eliminating other contestants. Vaults periodically spawn throughout the arena and contain between $3,000 and $10,000 cash. Contestants drop $1,000 as well as any cash they were carrying that hadn't be deposited. Eliminating a contestant also banks $500 without needing to deposit. To deposit cash, contestants need to find and use a deposit station, which appear throughout the area and disappear after their timer expires, spawning a new deposit station elsewhere.

Bank It Game Modes

Bank It

Bank It is a Quick Play game mode that consists of four teams of three. Like in Cashout, each team has a cash counter displayed on the game's scoreboard. Cash is deposited individually by team members, and counts towards a team's total earnings. The first team to reach $40,000 cash wins. If the round time expires before this point, the team with the most team cash wins instead.

Solo Bank It

Solo Bank It operates in the same way as regular Bank It, but 12 contestants compete individually instead of in teams. The first contestant to reach $40,000 cash wins. If the round time expires before this point, the contestant with the most cash wins instead. Solo Bank It is only available in private matches.

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