THE FINALS takes place about 75 years in the future, roughly around the year 2100. It is the greatest virtual game show on the planet, with a large, global fan base, and considered a window to a bigger world outside of the real one.

The real world is known as the Meatspace, but most people spend their time in the Virtual World. Contestants join through VR-technology to access the hyper-realistic arenas and fight for fame, riches, and the favor of generous seasonal Sponsors.

Wiki Frame Sponsors 2.png
Sponsors play a major role in THE FINALS, as they are the main vehicle for the narrative of the game. Sponsors want exposure to the game show's massive audience for their brand and products/services, and sponsored gear is a sign of a success for contestants.
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THE FINALS has a diverse cast of characters, including former contestants, patrons, CEOs, mascots, and commentators. Although numerous characters are established, most of their stories remain a mystery.
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