Easter Eggs

THE FINALS is no stranger to weird happenings... between secret sigils found in the arenas, to clues hidden in media posted by Embark Studios. Some secrets are clues to the lore of THE FINALS universe, and others are hints to passwords to unlock the next Tier of the hunt. From small references to epic riddles, THE FINALS' Easter Eggs will scratch your itch for mystery and adventure! Whether its a smaller piece to the puzzle or a massive breakthrough, there is always something new to see, explore, and uncover. And remember... stay curious out there, hunter.!hi rob.!

THE FINALS Easter Egg Hunt (TFEE) is a long form easter egg hunt running since September 2022. It covers elements both teased in the various Playtests, and through concept art released throughout the year.
THEFINALSWiki PreRelease Pug.png
Easter Eggs that can be found in the various Trailers released so far.
Easter Eggs have been found in-game during the various playtests.
Community driven meme related to the various parties responsible for TFEE.

Smashel Was Here

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