Discussion page of KS-23

Use of "Pros and Cons" as a heading

While certainly useful for communicating a gun's strengths and weaknesses in a concise way, I feel like the heading can be overly restrictive in some scenarios. For instance, the KS-23's point about ADS, "No ADS, restricted to hip fire and zoomed-in hip fire," can be seen potentially as both a con (having to rely on the player's crosshair choice) and a pro (a completely clean sight picture). Additionally, it is hard to accurately discuss the gun's nuances in a bullet point (say for instance, the different reloads).

I think that it might be better to introduce a "Uses & Interactions" heading to more guns to communicate more nuanced information (similar to how the CL-40 page uses it). "Pros and Cons" doesn't necessarily require removal to accommodate this, but some points like the zoom-in should probably be removed from it. - User:Embruh

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