Pump GL Standardissue.png
Weapon Quote
“Pump-action grenade launcher”
// Profile //
// Damage //
Body82 max splash (+28 direct hit)
Head82 max splash (+28 direct hit)
// Technical //
Mag Size4
Firing Time2.6
Reload Time4.00

The CL-40 is a pump-action grenade launcher available to the Medium Build.


The CL-40 deals high splash damage, and a small amount of extra damage when hitting an opponent directly. The closer the grenades explode to surrounding objects, opponents, or the user, the more damage it deals.

Unlike other weapons, this grenade launcher reloads with single cartridges rather than a normal magazine. This is a similar loading style to the Model 1887, where the firearm can be fired mid-reload.

Pros and Cons

The CL-40 is an impact grenade launcher, which excels in confined passageways and corridors where the enemy will struggle to get out of its blast radius. It can take on multiple opponents at once and cause general chaos for whoever is on the receiving end.

The projectiles from the CL-40 can be bounced off of jump pads, which can be useful for extending its range or shooting around cover. If the user fails to keep their distance from their opponents, they may find themselves on the receiving end of their own splash damage.

Weapon Skins


  • The CL-40 is modeled after the China Lake grenade launcher.

Change History

Patch 1.5.5

  • Direct damage changedː 100 -> 110

CB1 Patch 3

  • Increased max damage: 80 -> 84
  • Increased min damage: 30 -> 45
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