“A pair of deployable gateway entrances; when both are placed and activated, contestants and objects can move between the two locations”
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Stack Size2
Effect Duration20s
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The Gateway is a thrown gadget available to the Light build which, upon impact, creates one of two gateways that enable instant travel between them for all contestants.


Deploying the first Gateway creates an inactive portal. The second Gateway will link the two, activating both portals. This allows any contestant, including those on enemy teams, to travel between the two portals. By moving close to one of the portals and pressing the "Interact" keybind, they will be teleported to the other portal, with an entry cooldown of 3 seconds.

Entities that can be teleported include: contestants (requires interaction), arena carriables, cash boxes, grenades, cannonballs.

Entities that cannot be teleported include: vaults, cashout stations, bullets, structure debris, sticky gadgets.

Entities that travel through the Gateway will retain their velocity.


The Gateway is a long-distance throwable gadget similar to a grenade supported by an aiming mechanic. Using the gadget by holding the overhand or underhand throw button (left and right click by default) arms it, preparing it to be thrown. It will be thrown upon releasing the respective throw buttons, and a blue line indicates the trajectory of the gateway up until the first impact.

When the button is released, the Gateway is either thrown overhand (long distance, high velocity) or underhand (short distance, low velocity).

The throw can be cancelled by swapping to a different equipment slot.

If a contestant wants to enter a gateway, they need to move close and interact with it.

Controls PC PS XBox Key
Equip Gateway
Prepare overhand throw
Primary fire
Prepare underhand throw
Secondary fire


  • By activating a gateway with one portal on a vault, the cash box from said vault can automatically be teleported as soon as the vault unlocks. This is often useful to bypass teams that might be contesting the vault or to gain a tempo advantage by quickly activating a cashout station.
  • An inactive portal is deployed indefinitely as long as the user stays within its 70m range. Hence a portal can be placed down before entering a fight, and returned to very quickly by deploying the second portal and entering the gateway. This trick can be used to get out of sticky situations or to quickly change position and surprise an enemy.
  • A gateway can be used to quickly reposition an entire team, whether that be to a strategic position or simply out of a sticky situation.
  • By having a teammate place mines on one side of a Gateway, if an enemy moves through the portal they may trigger the mines leading to an easy kill. Enemies in my experience though seem hesitant though to use your Gateways.
  • Place a portal near an active Cashout that your team owns and stay within 70 meters of that Gateway. When your Cashout is being stolen, place the second portal and quickly move through it to shoot the stealing enemy with a stun gun, canceling their steal. This can be especially useful to cancel last minute steals. This can be quite risky though as you may not have enough time to place the portal and then find an angle where you can shoot them, especially if they are body blocking or have good formation. It may prove to be worth it to predict when the Cashout may be being stolen and pre-place your second portal to give you more time, but this has its own risks as well.

Technical facts

  • As with other grenades, if there is an obstruction close to your head (such as if you are throwing through a narrow gap in a wall), the Gateway may be blocked by the obstruction even though the predicted path does not indicate a collision.
  • Placing your first Gateway and then moving 70 meters away from the first portal will erase it. There is no way to remove the initial Gateway (outside of the practice range) other than that. A lone portal has no expiration timer. As long as your player is within 70 meters of the first portal, you can throw outside of that area, potentially getting the Gateways 100 meters away from each other.
  • The farthest distance you can throw a Gateway horizontally before it self detonates is 30 meters if you are sprinting, and 24 meters if you are standing still. Vertically, with a jump the portal can be thrown up to 21 meters upwards (from the ground), and 18 meters without a jump.
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