Volpe is one of the various sponsors in THE FINALS. In the Open Beta, they were introduced as the official sponsors of the Skyway Stadium arena and were also revealed to be one of the sponsors of Season 1.

The word "volpe" means "fox" in Italian, justifying the fox-like logo.

Through cosmetics descriptions and in-game dialogue, it is revealed that VOLPE is the company that creates the VR tech that the contestants use to join and compete in THE FINALS.

VOLPE is led by its CEO Mackenzie Lapis. In the intro cutscene of Season 1, Scotty's dialogue hints that he and Lapis may be acquaintances:

Scotty: "...and so I asked Mackenzie for a pre-release version and--"
June [interrupting]: "Scotty, we're on air!"
Scotty: "Oh! Uhh...welcome back to THE FINALS, the world's greatest gameshow!"
Volpe logo.png

Volpe Cosmetics

Weapon Style

Level 18 Volpe-Dataglove.png
BP Level 18
Level 21 Volpe-Virtual.png
BP Level 21
VOLPE Immersion Bundle.jpg
PS+ Exclusive

Contestant Style

Epic VOLPE HAPTIC JAB Outfit.png
BP Level 24
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