Scotty and June

Scotty and June are two in-universe commentators for THE FINALS. They give updates about the ongoing game to the viewers, such as changes to the current leading team, or if a team is in the knockout zone in a Tournament.


Scotty's Past

It is revealed through Scotty's dialogue that he was a former contestant on THE FINALS:

Voiceline List
Scotty (after a team has one member remaining): "There's now only one contestant left for the Powerhouses! I used to thrive in those situations, June."
June (after the first elimination in a match): "And there's our first elimination of the match! Scotty, this could get really chaotic, really fast!"
Scotty: "Well I saw that one coming, June. You know, the trained eye of a former contestant and all that."
Scotty (after a cashout is stolen): "And out of the blue, that just happened!"
June: "Didn't see that steal coming, Scotty? Even as a former contestant? What an adrenaline rush!"
June: It's the final round! Are you nervous Scotty?
Scotty: Ah, well June, I've been in our contestants' shoes myself. Not letting the pressure get to you is the key to victory!

There is also an achievement that implies Scotty was a former contestant, as well as a sticker showing his to-do list.

Just like scotty.png Level 69 SCOTTY'S TO-DO LIST.png


In the intro cutscene of Season 1, Scotty's dialogue hints that he and Mackenzie Lapis are acquaintances:

  • Scotty: "...and so I asked Mackenzie for a pre-release version and--"
  • June [interrupting]: "Scotty, we're on air!"
  • Scotty: "Oh! Uhh...welcome back to THE FINALS, the world's greatest gameshow!"


It is suggested through several voice lines that Scotty may have an addiction to OSPUZE™ Pro Juice™.

  • Scotty: "I haven't been this hyped for a match since I drank 6 OZPUZEs™!"
  • June: "Scotty's deadly caffeine addiction aside, this is one exciting match!"

As well as during Power Shift:

  • Scotty: "I haven't seen this much adrenaline in a match since I drank 6 cans of OSPUZE™ before going on air!"
  • June: "Well Scotty, let's hope our contestants have better control of the platform than you do of your Pro Juice™ addiction!"


June is Scotty's partner. She loves data and is known to use spreadsheets and statistic trackers during the match.

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