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A melee weapon and tool that destroys the arena itself; can also perform a secondary overhead attack
// Profile //
// Damage //
Head200 [Alt Fire]
// Technical //
Mag SizeN/A
Reload TimeN/A

The Sledgehammer is a powerful melee weapon available to the Heavy Build.


The Sledgehammer deals significant damage to both the environment and opponents. Similar to the Sword, the Sledgehammer can be swung with both primary fire and secondary fire. Swinging with primary fire deals less damage but is quicker, and swinging with secondary fire is slower but deals massive damage.

Useful damage combinations include:

  • 1 Primary Fire → Quick Melee = 155 Damage
  • 2 Primary Fire → Quick Melee = 270 Damage
  • 1 Alt Fire → 1 Primary Fire = 315 Damage
  • 1 Alt Fire → 1 Primary Fire → Quick Melee = 355 Damage
  • 3 Primary Fire → Quick Melee = 385 Damage

Pros and Cons

A few hits can break through walls and thus with some tactical prowess, the Sledgehammer can be a useful device to manipulate the arenas.

The Sledgehammer has a very high damage output, but due to its limited range and reasonably slow speed, it only really thrives in close quarter, chaotic fights.

Weapon Skins



Quote from Rob Runesson

  • This must be one of the best "weapon inspects" in a game ever if you ask me, I'm a bit biased perhaps...)... it is Carl playing... he is also the lead singer in Death By Rhodents... ._.
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