M11 SideView-v2.png
Weapon Quote
Fast-firing, fully automatic machine pistol
// Profile //
// Damage //
Head24 (1.5x)
// Technical //
Mag Size40
Reload Time1.7

The M11 is a submachine gun for the Light Build.


The M11 has a combination of high fire rate and a large magazine capacity, and includes a suppressor barrel attachment.

It is best utilized in close-combat situations, like defending indoor objectives. Executing Hit and Run tactics with this weapon makes it a force to be reckoned with in the arena.

Pros and Cons

The M11 is capable of eliminating Light and Medium Builds easily, although accuracy and headshots will play a factor. Due to its high fire rate this weapon allows you to out-damage your opponents in most close-quarters engagements.

Its primary weakness is long-range engagements. While it can be used to assist in damage at medium range, this weapon deals negligible damage at long range. The M11 also has an extreme recoil pattern that can be hard to control at longer ranges.

Weapon Skins


  • The M11 is modeled after the iconic MAC-11 submachine gun, which as of the Open Beta build includes the companion Sionics suppressor attachment.
  • Prior to the Open Beta, the M11 had no suppressor.

Change History


  • Damage changed: 15 -> 16
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