Gravity Glove

Overview[edit | edit source]

All contestants in THE FINALS are equipped with a Gravity Glove. This device allows them to capture and manipulate certain physics objects around the arena. While an item is captured by a contestant, it will float near them and glow with a blue, grid-like pattern. When capturing an item, the contestant appears to activate the Gravity Glove by using a "reaching out and grabbing" motion, and holds their fist closed as long as an item is within their control. The object can be dropped or thrown by the contestant controlling it. Heavy Builds can throw objects the furthest, and Light and Medium Builds throw objects the same distance. Hitting a contestant with any thrown object deals exactly 50 damage to them.

While an object is being controlled by the Gravity Glove, its collision is disabled. When the carried object is intersecting with terrain or another object, its glow will appear yellow rather than blue. When attempting to drop an object while it is intersecting with terrain-such as a wall or floor-the object will be forced to the nearest empty space.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Pressing the keybind for "Object Pickup" while aiming at an object will pick it up. While carrying an object, it can be thrown forwards using the "Primary Fire" keybind (Default LMB), or dropped at the contestant's feet using the "Secondary Fire" keybind (Default RMB).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In CB2, the amount of contestants eliminated using a flower pot was tracked, totaling 392 (see Infographic for Closed Beta 2).

If a Cash Box you are carrying comes into contact with a Cashout Station, it will automatically be inserted. The Cash Box can also be thrown into a Cashout Station from any distance, as long as it lands in the Cash Box slot.

In CB1, a movement mechanic called "prop surfing" was discovered. When dropping an object directly below a contestants feet while they were moving, they could temporarily stand on the object and be quickly launched forward. This was later patched out in CB2.

The first time the Gravity Glove was officially mentioned was in the patchnotes for CB1 Patch 0.4.

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