Arena Carriables

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TypeArena object

Carriables are objects in the arena that can be picked up and carried by contestants. They can be thrown and may have special effects.


When a contestant picks up an arena carriable, it will float weightlessly in front of them, allowing them to carry the object around the arena for any duration. The object can also be thrown forwards.

The velocity of the throw increases with each weight class, with the Heavy throwing carriables the furthest, although the difference is small.

Thrown carriables (apart from the smoke canister and goo barrel) will always deal 50 contact damage to enemy contestants. Depending on the type of object, it may also be destroyed or activated upon impact.

Sticky gadgets can be attached to each type of carriable object (although there are few carriables that have enough surface area to support the Guardian Turret and APS Turret). Gadgets add weight to carriable objects, causing them to fly with a lower velocity when thrown. Additonally, sticky gadgets that need to be triggered in some way to activate (such as mines and C4) will be disarmed if a carriable object it is placed on is picked up. This removes the possibility of creating a "nuke" or "snuke" with the explosive canister which was very popular during season 1.


Contestants can pick up arena carriables from the ground by looking at them so that they are highlighted, and pressing the dedicated pick up key.

After carrying the object around, the contestant can either let go of the object or throw it, causing it to fly forwards in an arc.

Controls PC PS XBox Key
Throw object
Primary fire
Drop object
Secondary fire
Pick up object
Pick up


Barrels spawn at random locations throughout the arena, at a random density and distribution. It is possible for no barrels to be present in a round. Barrels are utility items that can be thrown, which will activate the barrel to trigger its effects.

Type Effect
Explosive Barrel.png Explosive Canister Flies straight forward instead of in an arc. After a few moments, creates a destructive explosion.
Toxic Barrel.png Gas Canister Upon impact, starts leaking gas. After a while, implodes into a temporary gas cloud.
Powder Barrel.png Smoke Canister Upon impact, creates a temporary smoke cloud to obscure vision. Also called a Powder Canister.
GlitchBarrel-LowQualityTransparent.png Glitch Barrel Upon impact, creates the glitch effect to disable gadgets.
Goo Barrel.png Goo Barrel Upon impact, creates a Goo wall, acting like a stronger Goo Grenade.
Flammable Barrel.png Oil Barrel Upon impact, catches on fire. After a while, creates a destructive explosion that also spreads Fire.


Office Chair.png

Decor spawns at fixed locations in each arena. This includes objects such as chairs, small tables, and potted plants. They can be picked up and thrown to deal contact damage, but will always break upon impact. Decor that can be picked up is never bigger than a Heavy contestant. If a decor object can be picked up, it will show a blue outline when hovered over.


Some carriable objects can appear in the arena after the game has started, depending on the actions of contestants.

Cash Box

Cash Box.png
Main Page: Cash Box

An important object in Cashout rounds. It spawns at a random location as a vault that must be unlocked by contestants, who are then tasked with bringing the cash box to a cashout station to extract its cash for their team. It cannot be destroyed.

Revive Statue

THE-FINALS Revive-Statue.png
Main Page: Revive Statue

Dropped by contestants when they are eliminated. They can be used by contestants of the same team to revive the contestant. Revive Statues cannot be destroyed and can only be picked up by contestants of the same team.


  • In Closed Beta 2, the amount of contestants eliminated using a flower pot was tracked, totaling 392 (see Infographic for Closed Beta 2).
  • In Closed Beta 1, a movement mechanic called 'prop surfing' was discovered. When dropping an object directly below a contestants feet while they were moving, they could temporarily stand on the object and be quickly launched forward. This was later patched out.
  • The mechanic for picking up arena carriables was at one point referred to as the 'gravity glove' in the CB1 Patch 0.4 notes, though this term was never used again despite several mentions of arena carriables.
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