Twitch Drops

Twitch drops are cosmetic items that can be earned during THE FINALS' limited time Twitch Drop campaigns.


Twitch drop campaigns occur roughly every few months and last 1-2 weeks. There are usually 1-3 cosmetic items per campaign, which can each be earned by watching streamers playing THE FINALS for a designated amount of time.

To earn Twitch drop rewards, complete the following.

  • Create a Twitch account or log in to your existing account at
  • Visit and log in with whichever platform you play THE FINALS on.
  • Visit Connected Platforms and select Twitch.
  • Log in to your Twitch account, or provide authorization when prompted to.
  • Watch a streamer playing THE FINALS with drops enabled for the designated amount of time.
  • Check your progress anytime at the inventory page
  • Once completed, click Claim Now for each item on your inventory page.


THE FINALS - Season 2!

March 15, 2024 - March 28, 2024
Image Watch Time Name Rarity Type Description
Season 2 Twitch Drop Charm-Twitch.png 2 hours TWITCH RARE WEAPON CHARM For contestants who love to stream.

Smoking Guns!

February 29, 2024 - March 7, 2024
Image Watch Time Name Rarity Type Description
Chamber Chum-Icon NoRarity.png 3 hours CHAMBER CHUM EPIC WEAPON CHARM For contestants willing to take a bullet for their teammates.

Steal The Spotlight!

January 31, 2024 - February 7, 2024
Image Watch Time Name Rarity Type Description
Masterplan Markup-Icon NoRarity.png 1 hour MASTERPLAN MARKUP RARE SPRAY Show our fans that you're always one step ahead.
Lockbox Locket-Icon NoRarity.png 2 hours LOCKBOX LOCKET EPIC WEAPON CHARM For contestants who like to play it safe.
Tungsten Disguise-Icon NoRarity.png 4 hours TUNGSTEN DISGUISE EPIC HEADGEAR This look should weld your team together.

Festive Holiday Drops

December 20, 2023 - January 3, 2024
Image Watch Time Name Rarity Type Description
Pining For Xmas-Icon NoRarity.png 2 hours PINING FOR XMAS RARE STICKER Light up your battles like a Christmas tree.
Present Danger-Icon NoRarity.png 4 hours PRESENT DANGER EPIC WEAPON CHARM For contestants who want to jingle all the way to victory.
Gingerguard-Icon NoRarity.png 6 hours GINGERGUARD EPIC GADGET SKIN // Barricade Disclaimer: Not edible, but definitely impenetrable.

Open Beta Drops

October 26, 2023 - November 5, 2023
Image Watch Time Name Rarity Type Description
TwitchOspuzeBundle Sticker.png 30 minutes OSPUZE TEN-GALLON RARE STICKER You can't drink ten gallons of OSPUZE Pro Juice at once. But if you could, you would.
TwitchOspuzeBundle Gun.png 2 hours OSPUZE RECYCLED LEGENDARY WEAPON SKIN // R.357 Turn yesterday's OSPUZE Pro Juice into today's new poppin' look!
TwitchOspuzeBundle Boot.png 4 hours OSPUZE ROPERS EPIC WEAPON CHARM Let these OSPUZE boots do the talking.
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