R .357

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R .357
Weapon Quote
“High-power revolver”
// Profile //
// Damage //
Head148 (2x)
Falloff Start23m - 0%
Max Falloff40m - 55%
// Technical //
Mag Size6
Firing Time2.14
Reload Time2.50

The R .357 is a revolver available to the Medium Build.


The R .357 is a powerful revolver with considerable range, remaining viable in long-range skirmishes. Unlike most automatic weapons, this high-power revolver has a 2.0x headshot damage multiplier compared to the typical 1.5x multiplier.

Pros and Cons

The revolver is a flexible weapon for Medium Builds, which can excel at variety of ranges if the user is accurate with their shots.

Some limiting factors include its poor iron sights with limited visibility, high recoil, slow reload, and a low magazine size.

The R.357's damage falls off rapidly at mid- and long-range, making it best suited for close encounters.

The maximum range at which the R.357 can hit without any damage falloff (23m).

Weapon Skins


  • The R.357 is based on the Taurus Raging Bull, despite the particular model of revolver depicted being chambered in .44 Magnum in reality.
    • During beta testing prior to release, the R.357's model was based on the more caliber appropriate Colt Python, which was introduced in 1955.
  • The R.357 was first seen in the full first trailer for THE FINALS, which was released on September 27, 2022.

Change History

Patch 2.0.0

  • Increased damage falloff modifier at max range from 33% to 45%

Patch 1.5.5

  • Decreased the amount of bullet dispersion applied when aiming down sights
  • Changed damage fall-off startː 35m -> 23m
  • Changed damage fall-off endː 50m -> 40m
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