SR-84 SideView-v2.png
Weapon Quote
“Bolt-action sniper rifle”
// Profile //
TypeSniper Rifle
// Damage //
Crit230 (2x)
Falloff Start80m - 0%
Max Falloff100m - 25%
// Technical //
Mag Size6
Reload Time3.3

The SR-84 is a sniper rifle for Light Build.


The SR-84 is a high damage rifle with a scope that can reliably land hits on contestants from across the arena.

Pros and Cons

The SR-84 is a high damage weapon that has an impressive range and virtually no drop-off within the limits of the current arenas.

It's less reliable at closer ranges due to the scope limiting vision and the relatively high hipfire sway. A secondary weakness of the weapon is that it rarely promotes teamplay unless the team is actively communicating.

Weapon skins


  • The SR-84 is modeled after Sako 85 Finnlight II, albeit with some minor modifications; the in-game model incorporates the rear sight notch seen in other Sako 85 models, which is used to support an aftermarket picatinny rail for the scope attachment.
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