Model 1887

Repeater Standardissue.png
MODEL 1887
Weapon Quote
“Lever-action shotgun firing pellets.”
// Profile //
// Damage //
Body8x16 (128 total)
// Technical //
Mag Size6
Firing Time4.79
Reload Time4.3

The Model 1887 is a lever-action shotgun available to the Medium Build.


It has a relatively low spread but rapid damage fall off. It has high damage potential for close range brawls. It is important to note that the Model 1887 does not have a headshot multiplier unlike other non-shotgun firearms.

Pros and Cons

The Model 1887 is a strong short-range weapon with a relatively high damage output within a few meters. It is capable of easily shredding through Light and Medium Builds, though the user may struggle if confronted with an undamaged Heavy Build. While situational, the 1887 can prove deadly when utilized correctly.

However, its damage dropoff, fire rate, and spread can leave the user at a disadvantage outside of close quarters. The user must make sure to stay close to their team so they can aid in situations outside of close quarters.

Weapon Skins


  • The Model 1887 takes inspiration from the Winchester Model 1887.
  • This weapon was previously named the Repeater (pre-CB2).
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