“Fires at a targeted surface and anchors a rope that can be used to traverse arenas easily”
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// Stats //
Health4 hits
Stack Size1
Effect DurationIndefinite

The Zipline is a utility gadget available to the Medium Build that creates a zipline between two points.


The Zipline is focused on arena traversal. It can be deployed by simply aiming and placing the end of the line. It will automatically spawn a starting point at the feet of the user. Any contestant can use the zipline after is placed, including enemies.

Uses & Interactions

The Zipline's main strength is creating paths where there were none before. If all paths to an important area of the arena have been destroyed, the user can create a new path to allow access to it. If you need to quickly move across a large open space, the Zipline can also offer a solution. Creating new paths allows the user to reposition their team to an advantageous point, or create new opportunities to flank enemies and be aggressive.

A weakness of the Zipline is how easily the line can be destroyed. Enemy contestants may sabotage the user by simply shooting the poles at either end, and many players have met their deaths after their Zipline broke halfway between two skyscrapers.

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