Pyro Grenade

Pyro Grenade.png
“Thrown projectile that starts a fire in the area where it explodes; contestants in an area that is burning will take damage”
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// Stats //
Stack Size1
Effect Duration12s


The Pyro Grenade is a type of tactical grenade that is used to set an area on fire which inflicts damage to players if they are in the affected area. The fire deals 12 damage per second directly, and leaves a burning area for about 10 seconds.

Uses & Interactions

The resulting fire will quickly decimate Goo, and will detonate Gas clouds on contact. The fire will also do damage to the user and their teammates, so be careful where you throw it. Like all fire, the Pyro Grenade can be instantly extinguished by Smoke. Refer to: How to Counter Goo, How to Use Smoke Grenades, & How to Deal With Gas.

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