Style Guide

This article aims to provide a style guide for all articles in the wiki to follow. Although Wikipedia already provides a more general style guide, this article provides guidelines specific to THE FINALS Wiki.

There are often disputes over which style rule or formatting to use so an official style guide helps resolve these disputes and to reaching a consensus.

Content Policy

Content on the wiki should generally reflect game content and mechanics as of the current patch. Exceptions to this are:

  1. Content that were previously available.
  2. Sections that display changes made to such content or display trivia that reference an older version of said content.
  3. Upcoming announced content. These should only contain information that are officially announced or shown by Embark Studios, Nexon or any of their partners. No leaked or datamined content!

Datamining and Leaks

Datamining should only be used for information that is available officially, never to leak or spoil future content. Do not add leaked content to the wiki. Make sure that the information you are adding is related to content that is available officially, or future content that has been officially announced by THE FINALS or Embark Studios.


Articles are only allowed in the main namespace if they fit the following criteria, otherwise they may be deleted without prior notice.

  1. Articles must contain enough information to warrant a full page. If they do not have enough content, they should be merged with other similar articles.
  2. Articles must pertain directly to THE FINALS in some way.



Please add a summary of your edit by typing in the "Describe what you changed" field after saving changes to a page. This lets the community know what updates a user has made to a page, and makes it easier to recognize a user's specific contributions to the wiki.


In most cases, images should only be used to enhance the understanding of an article, not simply decorate the page. Gallery modules should use the following settings: mode="nolines" class="scroll-gallery" widths="224px" heights="126px"

When taking in-game screenshots, it might be useful to hide your UI by pressing the F12 key. Optimal settings for taking high-quality screenshots are as follows:

  • Full Epic graphics
  • DLAA
  • Low post-processing


All templates can be found under Special pages -> All pages -> Namespace: Templates. Directions on template usage can be found on its respective page. To create a new template, simply create a new page with "Template:" in front of the title. All edits to pre-existing templates should be heavily documented to avoid confusion.

Article titles

Article titles should generally be in the singular form, except in-game features with explicitly plural names.

Section titles

Section titles should generally be in plain text. Refrain from using wikilinks or putting references on the section titles themselves.

Writing style

Use a neutral, passive voice instead of addressing the reader directly. Be professional, informative, and concise.


Original: “Doing this will damage you and your teammates.”

Revised: “Doing this will damage the user and their teammates.”

Proper terminology

Use terminology from THE FINALS brand guide and official announcements. Take careful note of capitalization and proper names. Limit usage of common gaming-related abbreviations and slang.

Common Mistakes
Common Term Proper Term
map arena
player / character contestant
kill elimination / eliminate


Original: “In The Finals, players can run around the map.”

Revised: “In THE FINALS, contestants can run around the arena.”


Original: “The sniper is available to the light build.”

Revised: “The SR-84 is available to the Light Build.”


Refrain from using biased language, especially in loadout pages. Do not use "the current meta" or similar language.


Original: “The Riot Shield is in a very poor state in the current meta…it just sucks.”

Revised: “The Riot Shield is a weapon that can be easily punished, but also has strengths when utilized correctly.” /psh63Xm

What Now?

Congratulations, you read the entire Style Guide! Now you are ready to go make some edits. Review some pages or check out the To-Do List to start contributing!

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