Breach Charge

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Breaching Charge1.png
Highly destructive deployable explosive that can be remotely detonated
// Profile //
TypeDeployable Explosive
// Stats //
Effect DurationInstant, 1.9s fuse timer
The breaching charge might not be very powerful, but in the right situations, it can blow a hole in the ceiling (and even move the objective to your floor.)
It doesn't always work like you want it to.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Breach Charge is a Light Build exclusive gadget that can be used to breach and enter through walls/floors and is the weaker variant of the C4 Charge.

Uses & Interactions[edit | edit source]

The Breach Charge is a very strong tactical addition to the Light Build's arsenal. It can be used to easily destroy equipment such as Turrets or Motion Sensors. A contestant can place a maximum of two Breach Charges at once, and deploying additional charges will replace the oldest charge. The gadget deals exactly 199 damage to enemies for a direct hit.

Like other explosives, the Breach Charge can do damage to the user if it explodes too close to them. It also has a short fuse timer, meaning it cannot be detonated as soon as it is deployed. A yellow LED will glow on the remote device when it has been deployed, and will turn green when it is ready to be detonated.

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